Why Norsad

Why Us

There is a critical credit funding gap in our markets with very low levels of domestic credit extended to the private sector by banks and more traditional channels. With tighter banking regulations and changes in the lending landscape, the credit solutions offered are not always suitable for the particular needs of companies. Private credit solutions offered by Norsad constitute an innovative funding component (complementary to bank financing or an alternative sustainable financing solution) that can be better structured to the needs of growing mid-sized companies.

We also partner with banks, other financial institutions and investors by providing complementary financing that allows them to stay within their core lending mandates and investment policy while unlocking potential future lending capacity for their clients and positively impacting blended returns.

Norsad is the ideal partner in our markets and we believe a number of factors differentiate us as a premier alternative debt provider:

No egos – Easy to work with. We are professional, pragmatic and we listen.

Speed of response – Accessible, agile and responsive on transactions. We have a fast track review process and understand your needs and urgency in responding to investment opportunities.

No surprises – Close deals on time and keep our promises. We call it as we see it in getting the deal done.

Flexible transaction structure – Customised financing structures. We have a stable and significant source of capital that allows us to offer flexible and cost-efficient alternative financing solutions.

Local knowledge – Good market knowledge with 25+ years of experience funding businesses in the region. Led and staffed by African professionals. We understand Africa.

Diverse network – We have developed a large network of regional and international financing partners.


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