What We Look For

What We Look For

We are constantly looking for USD5 million+ investment opportunities and follow a rigorous credit-centric and disciplined investment process in identifying target partners.

Companies we invest in are predominantly Southern Africa (SADC) domiciled or headquartered and typically exhibit:
• Predictable stable or growing cashflows
• EBITDA in excess of USD2 million (emphasis on USD2 million to USD10 million)
• EBITDA margins in excess of 10%
• Revenues in excess of USD5 million (emphasis on USD5 million to USD50 million)
• Dedicated and experienced management team
• Accountability and transparency – audited financial statements
• Commitment to good corporate governance practices
• Commitment to high social and environmental sustainability standards

We exclude the following investments:
• Direct mining
• Loss making turnarounds
• Start-ups
• Business activities per the Norsad Exclusion List

If your proposal meets our criteria, please contact one of our investment management professionals.