Our Impact

Our Impact

Norsad continues to provide financing that supports sustainable growth and job creation, diversifies and strengthens local economies, and contributes to sustainable infrastructure growth and industry development.

Our preferred sectors are those which can achieve impact in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The progress made towards achieving these goals in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region has informed the alignment of Norsad’s investments to local and regional impact priorities.

We remain focused on aligning our work to the goals set out in the SDGs, in ensuring that we play our part towards addressing poverty and inequality in the region through impact projects focused on clean and renewable energy, food and agribusiness, hospitality, education and financial accessibility & inclusion.

Through our systematic monitoring and measuring of this impact, we are able to make informed investment decisions and empowered to seek new ways of better understanding the financial and sustainable returns of our investments.

Norsad has provided
  • Financing to over 140 businesses and projects across 12 countries
  • Total financing of circa USD400 million in the region

In 2019, the companies financed by Norsad

  • 11,151 jobs supported which 3,325 were women employees
  • Supported 1,508 youth employees and 15% employee growth rate.
SDG Investment Impact