Our Difference

  • Customized financing and service
  • Agile and responsive on transactions
  • Good regional market knowledge and experience
  • Large network of regional and international financing partners
We have built-in sustainable impact creation into our business approach and can assist investee companies with sustainability policy formulation and implementation. We have a 4-Stage Process that enables us to customize our facilities to ensure that the clients growth objectives are achieved.

1. Understand
We require a clear understanding of the factors that affect the business. In addition to reviewing the plans and financials, we look beyond the numbers to get a clear understanding of the clients overarching objectives and constraints.

2. Evaluate
We rely on our collective industry and regional knowledge in assessing the potential investment. We take a view on the risk of the  business based on our understanding. We assign a risk profile and identify potential risk mitigations.

3. Implement
Drawing from years of experience, we formulate and execute a financing plan driven by sustainable impact and growth. This includes structuring a facility that is customised to the client’s risk profile.

4. Monitor
We strive to ensure that our partnerships have lasting effects beyond our investment horizon. We continuously monitor our investment impact  and agreed plans to cultivate sustainable socio economic environment.