Our Approach

Commitment to Social and Environmental Sustainability

We actively measure the Social and Environmental impact of our investments and as such, we place importance on social and environmental issues affecting our investee companies. In striving to achieve positive development outcomes through our financing, we recognise that such development can also have negative impacts on local communities and the physical environment within which they are located or upon which they depend for their livelihoods. 
Our investment professionals assist investee companies to formulate and implement adequate internal social and environmental policies. We incorporate our sustainability criteria in our financing activities and communicate our expected standards in our Social and Environmental (S&E) Sustainability Policy. Additionally, Norsad adheres to the international standards World Bank/FC Performance Standards and ILO core Conventions and recommendations.
As such, we seek clients who share our vision and commitment to sustainable development and who wish to improve their ability to manage these issues within their business activities. We expect sustainability objectives and activities to become fully anchored in our investee company's business strategies and to be adapted and integrated into their procedures and operations. On the other hand, sustainability objectives and activities must be based on a thorough assessment and broad understanding of the interrelationship between the enterprise and the local community, taking into account the diverse economic, political, cultural and social contexts in which they operate.